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raised panel and louver combination wood shutters 00027a

The distinctive fifty fifty combination shutters on this home add a subtle, but unique curb appeal.

The shutters feature a raised panel upper section and a louver lower section separated by a mid-rail.

The shutters on this home are painted and mounted on New York style hinges and shutter dogs.
single pair of raised panel over louver combination shutters

Shutters from GBS are built to last.  Utilizing all cedar, an excellent wood for this type of outdoor application due to it's natural rot and insect resistance, the frames are butt jointed with encapsulated mechanical reinforcements.  The solid raised panels are captured in a mortise with an expansion buffering system.  Each louver is captured within mortises and mechanically reinforced to eliminate fall out over time.

Cedar is not only a durable material, but it is also relatively light compared to other common lumber species.  This means that the hinges that support these functional shutters bear less weight and are inclined to last longer.



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