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unfinished wide louver shutters

Wide louver shutters provide a more dramatic look to the traditional louver.  The particular shutters pictured here are antique reproductions for a building built in 1823.

These shutters have 1 1/2" thick frames and louvers that are 2 1/4" wide and 1/4" thick.  They feature full mortise and tenon joints in the frames, mechanically reinforced with 18 gauge galvanized nails.  The louvers are captured within mortises on each side and are also mechanically reinforced with 18 gauge galvanized nails.

These particular shutters feature a beaded overlap in the center to provide a clean look since they will be installed in the closed position.  Another feature is the applied trim that frames the louver sections.

Constructed of all cedar, they are built to last a lifetime.  Cedar is a naturally rot and insect resistant wood ideal for fine outdoor applications.

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antique reproduction wide louver shutters   unifinished wide louver shutters



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